The end of this faucet has come.

Hai guys, kawaiicrypto here.

As you might know, I have been running the faucet for few months, but due to bots that keeps trying to exploit it, Carsen and myself have agreed to shut down the faucet.

When this agreement was made, there were still 23.39838577 DNR in the faucets wallet. These funds have been transfered to my denarii account on discord (tx here), where I will rain them during the day of December 14th 2017, where we celebrate Denarius 6 month birthday.

To join discord and be part of a great community click here.

denarius logo

Stats for the faucet.

289.877 payouts!

376.83450178 DNR paid out!

17.491 distinct IP addresses claimed.

15.766 distinct DNR addresses claimed.

Thank you!

Everyone who claimed...

... and ...

especially everyone who donated!